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Friday, July 13, 2007



The ad says starting july 22 the show is from the 16th thru the 19th how is it only for people at the show? It looks like it will be for the whole world.


You're absolutely right, Matthew. My thoughts exactly. This is what made me speculate that they might be announcing a consumer offer at the show, to take effect a few days later.

It's still quite possible, though - even if it's for show attendees - that the offer (whatever the requirements) may begin on the 22nd.

I've attended trade shows at which the registration packet contained a coupon or a code redeemable for a discounted purchase or a free gift after the show. (Nobody wants to cary around or ship home a big box.) This may be a similar promotional stunt.

We're waiting for a response from the show. We'll let you know if and when we hear back.

Martin Tiller

I strongly support Blu-Ray. But I even thought about buying a Toshiba for this deal. But I would have to agree with the idea, that if this deal were true it smacked of serious desperation on the HD-DVD camp.

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