Happy Holiday: Your Wish Has Been Grant-ed

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will issue a new Cary Grant Box Set on February 7th.

Commemorating one of the most beloved actors in movie history, this collectible box set will package together five of Cary Grant’s best films, including the never-before released “Holiday” and four other notable movies:  “Only Angels Have Wings,” “The Talk of the Town,” “His Girl Friday” and “The Awful Truth.”

Available nearly 20 years after Grant’s death, the 5-Disc set will pay tribute with all-new bonus features on every disc plus collectible postcards with vintage photography.

In “Holiday” – a “romantic dramedy” – spirited Johnny Case (Grant) is engaged to a millionaire’s daughter (Katherine Hepburn). But when her family wants Johnny to dive into the family business and settle down, he rebels, wishing instead to spend the early years of his life on “holiday.” With the help of friends Nick and Susan Potter, Johnny decides which is the better course, and the better mate.

Bonnie Lee (Jean Arthur) is a stranded showgirl who sets her sights on rugged airplane pilot Geoff Carter (Grant) in “Only Angels Have Wings,” a rousing adventure of men who fly mail planes over the dangerous Andes.

Things heat up when Geoff’s former girlfriend (Rita Hayworth) appears with her distrusting husband. The film was written, directed and produced by the legendary Howard Hawks.

In “The Talk of the Town,” a madcap romantic farce, charming fugitive Leopold Dilg (Grant) finds refuge in the home of childhood sweetheart Nora Shelley (Jean Arthur) after being wrongfully accused of arson.

Nora introduces Leopold to Supreme Court Justice nominee Michael Lightcap (Ronald Colman) and successfully convinces the stuffy lawyer that Leopold was framed. The three seek out the real culprits and the two men both fall for Nora along the way.

In “His Girl Friday,” Chicago newspaper editor Walter Burns (Grant) tries every trick in the book to keep from losing his ace reporter and ex-wife, Hildy Johnson (Rosalind Russell) to insurance salesman Bruce Baldwin (Ralph Bellamy). Things get more complicated when Walter convinces Hildy to take one last assignment on the eve of her remarriage and she uncovers the crooked truth about a murder while interviewing a condemned man.

His Girl Friday” marked another successful collaboration between Cary Grant and producer/director Howard Hawks.

The Awful Truth” chronicles the humorous antics of a couple (Grant and Irene Dunne) who can’t stand being married, but can’t stand to see the other married to anyone else. The film was directed and produced by Leo McCarey.

SRP will be $59.95, according to Sony, but we’ve also seen it listed online with a retail price of $49.95, so we’re not so sure. One thing we’re certain of, however, is that you should be able to pick this up for about $35.00 if you shop wisely.