Korean Paean

The Warrior,” an all-new epic action film starring Ziyi Zhang arrives on DVD March 7th

Based on a true story and set in the year 1375 when China was in the midst of a feud between the Yuan Dynasty and the Ming Dynasty, “The Warrior” recounts the tale of a delegation of soldiers and diplomats from Coryo (then an ancient Kingdom of Korea) sent to make peace with the new Chinese government.

Captured and accused of espionage by Ming warriors, the delegation is exiled by their captors to a remote desert.  On their journey back to Coryo, they rescue a kidnapped Ming princess (Zhang).  In their effort to take the princess to safety, the group encounters rival Mongol warriors whom they face in a sensational battle scene.

The Warrior” will arrive on DVD in a widescreen presentation (2.35:1) with audio in its original Korean and Chinese (Mandarin) dialects (Dolby Digital 2.0), as well as in English (Dolby Digital 5.1), along with (optional) English subtitles.

Special features will be limited to trailers and TV spots.

The Suggested Retail Price for “The Warrior” will be $24.96, but we expect this will sell for less than twenty dollars.