Strike Up The Band, Baby

The newest DVD from the Baby Einstein Company –  “Meet the  Orchestra: First Instruments” – arrives on DVD March 7th.  Recommended for children 1 year and up, the disc will provide little ones with a playful introduction to musical instruments and the sounds they make. 

Tykes develop an ear for music at an early age, and Baby Einstein is known for creatively exposing babies to music from their point of view by featuring classical music re-orchestrated for young ears in all of its titles.

Between 3 to 6 months, little ones enjoy soft, soothing music and even begin moving to music.  From 6 to 9 months, they begin creating their  own form of music by clapping their hands and banging on objects. By year one, toddlers are  beginning to identify specific sounds and musical notes and “Meet the Orchestra” builds on their natural curiosity about the sounds they hear and the objects that make them. 

Featuring string, brass, wind and percussion sections of an orchestra, with sights and sounds of 22 instruments including trumpets, saxophones, violins and tambourines, “Meet the Orchestra” will engage children and parents as they discover the benefits that music has to offer including movement and self expression. 

The SRP for this DVD has been set at $19.99, but shop around and you should find it for $12 or less.